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8 is Enough Team Game - October 21 at 1 pm

Get your team together!

Eight is Enough is a Swiss Teams format which evens the strength of the teams and gives everyone a greater chance to win.  The game provides the opportunity to play with someone new and allows players who normally would not play in an open game the opportunity to be on a team with Flight A players!

In Eight is Enough each player is assigned a point value based on that player's total masterpoints.  Each team consists of four players whose total point value does not exceed 8.

·       Flight C - players with 0 - 200 masterpoints             = 1 point

·       Flight B - players with 200 - 1000 masterpoints       = 2 points

·       Flight A - players with 1000+ masterpoints             = 3 points

*** Each team must have at least one Flight C player ***

This means that if two Flight A players want to play together, they will play with two Flight C players: 3 + 3 + 1 + 1 = 8.  A team may have a value of less than 8, but may not exceed 8.  There are no restrictions to partnership combinations among team members. 

Sign up at the club or on-line. Full team sign-ups are strongly encouraged; those who sign up as a pair will be matched with other pairs if possible.

$40 team entry fee includes pre-game snacks and coffee

 Register by October 17 – a minimum of 5 teams is required for the event to proceed.

Registration Form

I would like to register the following people for the Unit 249 Team Game on Sunday October 21. (Show Masterpoint holdings for each player)

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