IMP League - Fall 2021 - Rules and Regulations


Most LBC members at all levels play primarily in pairs games where matchpoint scoring is used.  While this method of scoring is certainly exciting it does not help prepare players to play in team events at tournaments where IMP scoring is common.  To help familiarize players with IMP scoring, LBC is starting another IMP league beginning in October 2021.  Dwight Bender will be the coordinator assisted by Alison Marr, Judy Stirling and Sara Ellis.


The intent of this league is to allow all players at all levels to familiarize themselves with the enjoyment of team play and IMP scoring.  To help understand team play and IMP scoring Barry Onslow will be hosting a Zoom session to discuss fundamentals about scoring and tactics. (Tentative date October 13 at 7pm).

There is also some good information at  

Teams will be stratified so you will compete against teams of similar experience.  The more people sign up, the more stratifications, so encourage your friends to sign up. 

In the absence of in club play, we hope this League will provide an opportunity for some social interactions.  We encourage a Zoom ‘meet and greet’ session ahead of each match for all 8 players.  The 10-minute break in the middle of the match will be an opportunity to review play with your team mates. This can also continue after the match is over.  There are lots of learning opportunities here. 

Also, if your team is having difficulty understanding a particular board in the post-game analysis, Marie Wiley is available by email to answer questions. 


Matches will be played regularly every week starting on October 20th for a period of 4 to 6 weeks depending upon registration numbers. The games will be played on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. on BBO but be available at 6:45 for the ‘meet and greet’. If your team cannot play at that time, it will be up to the team captains to find a suitable time to play within 4 days of the scheduled match. A schedule of your team games will be listed when registration is complete. 


Teams will be divided into at least three stratifications ranked by the coordinator. Using a Round Robin format, teams will play other teams in the same bracket once or twice, depending on the number of entries. All matches will be played on BBO in the "Competitive" section. The schedule will designate which team captain is responsible for setting up the match on BBO each week. Each match will involve playing 10 boards, having a 10 minute break, then playing another 10 boards. The setting captain will rotate the players at the start of the second half so each pair will play a different pair in the second half.  The team captains will compare scores at the end of each half and a final score will be agreed upon. This final score will be reported to the Coordinator by both team captains after the match is over.MP's will be awarded at the end of the season.  

Team Composition and Play Regulations:

A team brings 4 players to a match but may have from 4 - 5 members. This league will be open to anyone who is playing on the BBO roster for the LBC. The team captain tries to ensure each player plays a similar number of games. Substitutions won’t be permitted. Any team that fails to field a team will be considered to have forfeited the match. All matches must be played on BBO. ‘Undoes’ won’t be permitted. In the event of a dispute, please send a written report to the Coordinator who will determine if a score adjustment should be made. No such adjustments will be made except under highly unusual circumstances. 

Following each match, both captains will report the score and the names of the players to the Coordinator via email. This report must be submitted before the end of each scoring period. Scoring periods will run weekly from Wednesday at 9:30 pm until Sunday at noon. Scores will be converted to Victory points by the coordinator and posted weekly on the LBC website under the " Game Results" tab.  If a score isn’t reported within the allotted time, both teams will receive an average minus score for the match. All decisions made by the coordinator will be final. 


Registration should be done by the Team Captain only and can be made in the Registration Box at the top right of this page. Names, phone numbers, BBO names, and email addresses of all team members must be included in the Registration Box. 


Entry fees for the event will be the usual fee of $7 per player per session. It is the responsibility of the team captain to pay the fee for the entire schedule no later than 3 days prior to the start of the first match. This needs to be done via e-transfer to LBC. e.g. If each team is scheduled to play 5 games then each team must submit 4 X $7 X 5 =$140 in advance. If a team has 5 members, the per participant cost will be less. 

When we know how many teams are registered, we will send an email to the captains confirming the number of matches and the fee. Part of the fee will go to the ACBL for awarding masterpoints and the remainder supports our club. 

Team Captain's role

        select and register your team

        pay the entire team entry fee, then collect from team members

        confirm the date for each match

        if the schedule shows you as the designated setting captain, it is your responsibility to set up the game in BBO. (See below)

        record score after the first 10 boards, and at end of the match

        forward total score to Coordinator within the required timeline  

Caveat: if there are insufficient registrations this League will be canceled. 

CoordinatorDwight Bender 

Resource RepresentativesAlison Marr  and Judy Stirling  

Key Dates:

        Registration Opens - September 26th

        Registration Deadline - October 13th

        Zoom session on IMP scoring - October 13th at 7pm Payment  Deadline - October 18th

        First IMP League match - October 20th at 7pm 


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Click here.

IMP League Teams and Schedule

Please click on IMP League Teams and Schedule to see your game schedule for the Fall 2021 IMP League.

Setting Up a Team Game in BBO

Please go to the Team Game Setup Instructions Document to see how to set up a Team Game in BBO.

If you are a captain and not experienced setting up an IMP game, you may contact Gayle George for assistance.  It is not intuitive and very important that you familiarize yourself with the process ahead of the first match.

IMP League Fee Payments

Team captains are requested to pay their team's game fees for their team. The game fee for each session is $7 per player per match or $28. For 7 matches the total game fees for each team is 7*4*7=$196.

Team captains can Etransfer their team fee of $196 to the London Bridge Centre at this link  Membership (

Alternatively, team captains can send a cheque for $196 payable to the London Bridge Centre in care of the LBC Treasurer, Tom Jolliffe 18-10 Cadeau Terrace London ON N6K 4Z1.

Please submit payment by October 20, 2021.

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