Introductory Bridge Sessions

Bridge Lab Sessions

Come alone or with a partner!

Apprehensive? No need! Duplicate bridge is fun.Take a look at our introduction to bridge video.

London Bridge Centre hosts two sessions of Supervised Play / Bridge Labs each week. These sessions, directed by Peter Tuttle, Marie Wiley and others, offer you the opportunity to experience duplicate bridge by using bidding boxes and duplicate boards.

At our bridge lab sessions, you will play hands that have been previously played in duplicate games, so you can compare your results to those achieved by other players. In this game you remain at the same table, which plays at its own comfortable pace, and scores are not recorded.

The Tuesday session starts at 1:00. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early so we can get underway on time.

Take the Next Step - Try Our 0 to 50 or 0 to 100 Games

Have you been attending our Bridge Lab games. Why not take the next step? Our 0 to 50 and 0 to 100 games are an excellent way to develop your duplicate bridge skills. 

Foot Steps

The London Bridge Centre hosts a 0 to 50 session on Thursday afternoon at 1:00 and a 0 to 100 session on Wednesday evening at 7:00. Many club members can attest to finding new friends, enjoying boisterous comaraderie and advancing their bridge skills at our Wednesday evening games. A very enriching experience for budding bridge players.

Both of these sessions are relaxed games that accommodate inadvertent slip-ups. No need to be intimidated, as your directors, Audrey Craig and Peter Tuttle, are there to help you.

So take the next step. Bring a friend to our Thursday afternoon or Wednesday evening games. 

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