Member Recognition Awards - 2018

Players with under 50 Masterpoints who earn the most Masterpoints during the month receive a Free Play. Players may only earn one Free Play every 6 months. Recognition Awards are provided to the club by a donor.

January - Arda Kabaca and Ilgaz Ciftci - 3.24 MP

February - Rick Jordan - 6.93 MP

March - Ivan Nikiforov - 3.06 MP

April - Gayle George - 3.36 MP

May - Alison Marr - 3.20 MP

Member Recognition Awards 2017

The London Bridge Centre has amended our Member Recognition Award program effective August 1, 2017. Previously a benefactor donated Free Play tickets each month to:

1. The member who attends the most sanctioned games during the month.

2. The under 50 masterpoint member who earns the most masterpoints at the LBC during the month.

3. The over 50 masterpoint member who earns the most masterpoints at the LBC during the month.

Effective August 1, 2017 the LBC will award a Free Play to the under 50 master point LBC member who earns the most masterpoints in the month. No player can win the same award within any six month period.

The Member Recognition Program has been entirely funded by a donor.

Member Recognition Awards - 2017


  Sessions > 50 < 50
  Winner # Winner MP's Winner MP's
January   John Stoffman 18  Terry Tack 14.7   Diane Bryant     5.12
February Marg Blackie 22 Georgina Little 7.63 Marg Steers     4.55
March Louise Caicco 20 Carole Wigle 7.44 Janine Higgins     3.88
April Linda Butt 18 Arlene Lungren   7.41  Barry Buchanan       5.68
May  Madhu Gupta  18  Barry Onslow  8.61 Gayle George       4.63
June Gayle George   17  Peter Tuttle 12.89 Ann Quinn            4.14    
July John Sheasby   16 Mary Lynne Howe  5.89  Ann Blyndal        2.50 
August N/A    N/A   Dennis Hack      3.07
September  N/A     N/A   Barry Deathe      4.02
October  N/A     N/A    Terry Cathcart      4.79
November  N/A     N/A    Shirley Briley     2.83
December N/A    N/A   Betty Grant & Carol Zettel      2.89




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