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The London Bridge Centre is located in Unit 9 -1106 Dearness Drive in London Ontario, N6E 1N9.

We can be reached by phone at 519-601-2582(CLUB). Or you can email us by using the Contact Us form or the specific individual links below.


Contact Us

Are you looking for further information about the LBC? Do you have a request? Would you like to make a suggestion? Then please feel free to contact us.

London Bridge Centre Contacts

President -  Angie Francolini Contact Angie

Past President - Janine Higgins  Contact Janine

Director of Bridge Operations - Bruce Moor  Contact Bruce

Webmaster - Tom Jolliffe   Contact Tom

Accountant - Sue Edwards   Contact Sue

Membership - Deb Ellison   Contact Deb

Newsletter- Penny Finneron Contact Penny

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