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The LBC library has close to 700 bridge books and is growing. Most were purchased from either Bridge Fokes or from a Bridge Club in the USA. But many of the books have been donated by local players over the years, and this includes several new donations since our Club opening. Many thanks to all donors for their generosity and please keep the donations coming!

Many thanks to our librarians, Roger and Judy Jolliffe, who have organized and catalogued our library. Roger and Judy will be maintaining the library to ensure books are returned and kept in order. Please help them and other members by following our sign out and sign in procedures.  

Library Update - January 11, 2017

New Book Cases/Relocation of Library

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, six new book case units have been purchased and the library has been relocated along the north wall of the bridge centre affording extra space for future growth, and with the higher shelves, easier access to books.  From a beginning of approximately 400, the Library now contains close to 700 books.

Finding Books

A reminder: all Library books are listed on the website, and they are organized in alphabetical order starting with the first listed author’s last name and then the book title.


Again, thanks to those of you who have donated books over the last few months.  An enormous donation via Dwight Bender from the collection of the late Gary Whiteman was made in December.  This donation included 125 books of which 63 are new titles for our library. For your convenience, a list of these new titles can be found on the front bulletin board.

Missing Books

A recent audit revealed that the number of missing books had increased from 36 to 46.  Could you please take a moment to ensure that you do not have any “unsigned-out” bridge books in your possession.  If you do find a book, it would be greatly appreciated if you could return it to the “Returned Book” shelf of the library

Procedural Changes

  • The sign-out page has been redesigned to encourage legible completion of all data. It really complicates our job when we are not sure of the author, title, or the name of the person withdrawing the book.  Please help us out.
  • The boxes for “Returns” and “Donations” have been eliminated, relying instead on specifically designated shelves located in the rightmost unit of the library.
  • The audit also showed that many books were misfiled.  So again we beg you to please DO NOT FILE books but simply place them on the returned or donated book shelves and we will do the filing.
  • A notice will be sent to any individual who has an Overdue Book (not returned within the 30 days requested).  Overdue books will be highlighted on the “sign-out” sheet.  We appreciate that on occasion a member may wish to keep a book longer than the 30 days. If so, we request that the book simply be re-signed out using the regular form.

Thanks very much.

Your LBC Librarians

Roger and Judy Jolliffe 

Organization and Procedures

We would like our library to be easily accessible to our members and we need your help to maintain our library. We have a library Index, a Sign Out procedure, a Return procedure and a Donation procedure. Your assistance in maintaining our library would be greatly appreciated.


Library Organization and Procedures 

  • An Index of the books is in a binder at the Library, and on the LBC website

    • This this list will be kept up-to-date.

    • The books are filed in alphabetic order by:

      First, the author’s last name (first named author), then

      Second, the title of the book 

  • To sign out a book:

    •  Fill in the form at the beginning of the Library binder 

    • Print your name, phone number, and the date signed out

  • When returning the book please:

    • Return the book within 30 days after sign-out.

    • Complete the return date on the sign-out list

    • Return the book to Returned Books Shelf in the library bookcase located closest to the rear door.

    • Be happy for the reminder if you receive a call after 30 days

  • When donating books please:

    • Place them in the Donated Books Shelf in the library bookcase located closest to the rear door, or give them to the person behind the counter

    • Include a note with your name, indicating that this is a donation


London Bridge Centre Co-Librarians 

Judy and Roger Jolliffe 



Better Bridge Magazines

 Audrey Grant's Better Bridge





We are pleased to announce a major addition to the LBC library. Al and Sue Edwards have kindly donated their collection of the Audrey Grant Periodical "Better Bridge".

This periodical is published every two months, and the donated collection includes most issues from 2004 to the present. These are excellent magazines, enjoyable at any level, but particularly beneficial for developing players.

Leading bridge experts consistently produce highly readable articles on bidding, play of the hand and defense. Bridge puzzles also complement the articles by testing the concepts presented.

The Bridge Bulletin magazines are located on a coffee table beside the main library, and have their own sign-out sheets.

We are extremely pleased to see that the library is being well utilized. And thanks to most of you for being diligent in fully completing the sign-out and return information. We note however, that occasionally a phone number or other detail is not recorded. It would be quite helpful and greatly appreciated if everyone could take a little extra time to complete the information fully.

And thanks very much to Audrey Devries for her recent donation of 6 great bridge books to our library.

Happy reading.

Roger and Judy Jolliffe

Your LBC Librarians 

Book Exchange

The Book Exchange is Back

Many LBC members have been asking for a general book exchange area to be set up at the club. Intitally, the club focused on establishing a bridge libray. Now we would like to initiate a general book exchange.

book swap

A book case has now been placed in the northwest corner of the bridge hall for members to exchange books. Please feel free to bring books or to borrow books from the book exchange.

Please, do not place donated books in the bridge library! The bridge library is only for bridge related books.

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