Ask Dwight

 So what went wrong in that hand?  Why not:  Ask Dwight?

Dwight Bender has offered to answer questions for LBC members, in a format similar to the popular Monday morning Lost & Found sessions. If you are puzzled about a recent hand, then you can Ask Dwight how it should have been bid, played or defended. 

Just email Ask Dwight providing the session, board number and your question and he will provide you with some helpful tips within 24 hours. 

Selected questions and answers are posted below.

Ask Dwight

Click on the date of the newsletter to read Dwight's response:

December 16 Newsletter  - Wednesday aft, December 5, Board 13

September 9 Newsletter - Friday morn, Aug 24, Board 9

August 12 Newsletter

July 15 Newsletter - Thursday aft, June 28, Board 2

June 3 NewsletterThursday aft, May 10, Board 7

May 6 Newsletter - Monday, April 30 am, Board 24

April 8 Newsletter - Monday, February 12 am, Board 9

March 25 Newsletter - Monday, February 26 am, Board 21

March 11 Newsletter - Monday, February 26 am, Board 3

February 25 Newsletter - Thursday, February 8 aft, Board 31

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