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 Down 2 Vulnerable!

So what went wrong in that hand?  Why not:  Ask Dwight?

Dwight Bender has offered to answer questions for LBC members, in a format similar to the popular Monday morning Lost & Found sessions. If you are puzzled about a recent hand, then you can Ask Dwight how it should have been bid, played or defended. 

Just email Ask Dwight providing the session, board number and your question and he will provide you with some helpful tips within 24 hours. 

Selected questions and answers are posted below.

Monday, February 26 am - Board 3


 I was playing Monday, February 26 in the morning. On Board 3 I did not know what to do.

South opened with 2 hearts
My P passed
North passed.
I said 3 diamonds.
Everyone passed and I made 6.

What did I do wrong?


Dwight’s Response:

Hi there,

Both you and your partner need to take some of the blame here, as usual.

First, your bid should not be 3D and secondly, your partner should never pass your 3 diamond bid.  I will explain.

The range for your bid of 3D after the preempt is about 12-18 maximum and you have more than that so you should double and then bid on after partner responds. Having said that---- West, when you did bid 3D, should have taken some call such as 4D.  You should always respond to the 3D bid when you have 7+ points and a good fit as is the case here.  I am sure you would have bid on with Blackwood or whatever if your partner had raised to 4D.

Now let's deal with what "should" have happened. The Auction would go like this:








X is take-out, planning to bid diamonds if partner bids either spades or clubs.

3H* says you have a very good hand - more than 18 points with a good diamond fit and can make game, maybe even a slam.

3S says OK, I have 3 spades (already denied 4 when bid 3D). I am not sure what to do but I have some points, between 7 and 10 since I did not jump the first time.

4NT is Blackwood.

5C says no aces (or if you are playing KEYCARD it would show 1).

5D says OK, I think we can make 5D which is what should happen----East/West should make only 11 tricks since they should lose a spade and a club.

Hope that helps next time such a hand comes up.



Thursday February 8 - Board 31

Good Morning Dwight:

I played with A. Nonymous on Thursday, Feb 8 and we missed a small slam on Board 31 and I was wondering if you could help us as we are trying to figure out where we went wrong in our bidding. (see hand below)

I opened 1 diamond (West) with 6 diamonds and 16 points,  4 spades, a singleton and a doubleton.
Pass by North
East who bid 1 heart has 16 points
Pass by South
I bid 1 spade
Pass by North
B. Anonymous  jumped to 3 NT
Pass by South
I passed as well and we missed a small slam

Neither one of us knew how big our hands were but we had 32 points and 4 pairs bid small slam but 3 pairs did not.

I was wondering if you could help us as to where we went wrong in our bidding as it's a shame that we missed a slam.
Thanking you in advance,

B. Nonymous


Hi B. Nonymous,

I can certainly understand your problem.  I will give you a possible auction, but first a few comments-

1)  East (A. Nonymous) underbid their hand as did you

2)  The jump to 3NT denies having any 15 point hand or more.

3)  With the information you received from east, I would not bid further with the west hand either.

So let’s go back and have another auction which I will explain below.

1D - 1H

1S - 2C*

3D**- 4D***

4NT - 5S****

5NT - 6D*****



2C*= FSF by responder if you play that, if not it is just forcing and says opener must rebid (remember all new suits are forcing!)

3D**= I have a better than average hand but not quite enough for a 2S rebid originally and I have 6 diamonds

4D***= OK. I also have a good hand with a diamond fit, we can make slam for sure, maybe 7

4NT = RKCB  (Roman Key Card Blackwood)

5S**** = 2 aces with the queen of diamonds

5NT = asking for kings

6D = I have 1 king

6NT is to play

Remember that each bid below game by either opener or responder after game is guaranteed (after 2C bid) shows more than jumping to game so the key is that the 4D bid by responder rather than using RKCB shows a slam interest hand...meaning at least 16 points (but not 18).

With that in mind opener (west) has determined that east has 2 aces and 1 king and the Q of diamonds, which comes to only 13 points, so you can definitely know that partner has another 3 or 4 points in clubs or spades or hearts. So you can bid 6 Diamonds or 6NT with safety. 

I hope this helps in future auctions of this nature. 


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