Weekly Game Sessions  

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Monday 0 to 500





Bridge Lab

0 to 1500 





0 to 50 &

0 to 1500


0 to 500



9:30 > 0 to 50 &

Practice & Play 





Types of Games

The London Bridge Centre game schedule is structured to accomodate all levels of bridge players. Bridge sessions range from Bridge Lab, Newcomer and 0 to 50 masterpoints, Limited Point Games and Open Games.

Bridge Lab: Open to all players, but designed for newer players who want more practice. Expert players are available to help with bidding and play issues. The Bridge Lab Leader starts each session with a short lesson on specific topics. No masterpoints are awarded and there is no pressure to get that extra trick. It's a great way for players to build a new partnership. 

Practice and PlayThese sessions are designed for students and beginning players to practice their newly acquired skills. There is a teacher available to answer your questions on bidding and/or play of the hand.  There is no scoring. Fee for each session is $5 for LBC members and those currently enrolled in bridge lessons; $7 for all others.

Newcomer and 0 to 50: Newcomers are players with fewer than 20 masterpoints; 0 to 50 is for pairs where players have fewer than 50 masterpoints on average. These are relaxed games where the director  helps players learn the fundamentals of duplicate play.

Limited Point Games: Open to players with fewer than the listed number of masterpoints (300, 500, or 1500). Results are stratified and masterpoints are awarded by strata. Pairs where one player is over the limit are welcome to play, but will not be eligible for masterpoints.

Open: Open to all players. These games include our most experienced players.  Results are stratified and masterpoints are awarded by strata.

Fees for each regular session are $8 for LBC members and $10 for non-members.

Prepaid Game vouchers are available to LBC members at 5 for $40.

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