New Player Development Courses

The London Bridge Centre is committed to encouraging new players to experience the joys of playing bridge. We have created a program that is fun and easy with newer players in mind.

Beginner level courses will help prepare you for playing bridge, whether it be in a social setting or in a duplicate game.

Bridge Basics I

Bridge Basics II

Bridge Basics III

Play of the Hand I

Play of the Hand II

Competitive Bidding

We also offer Practice and Play sessions and an Introduction to Duplicate Play.

Marie Wiley is our "New to Bridge" coordinator, as well as one of our Beginner Teachers. Her contact information is provided for any questions you may have. Please take a few moments to read her Welcome Letter.

Please review our schedule for the next series of Beginner Level courses being offered at the London Bridge Centre. If you don't see what you are looking for then please contact the Club or Marie. We are very eager to help you on your path to playing bridge.

London Bridge Centre - 519-601-2582

Marie Wiley - 519-433-1537 or by email at 

Intermediate Bridge Courses

The London Bridge Centre offers both Intermediate and Advanced bridge courses.

Intermediate Bridge courses include Cue Bidding and Advancing Your Game.

Advanced bridge sessions cover a range of topics and are offered over the Fall and Winter.

Practise & Play for New Students

Practise & Play

Saturday mornings  9:30 - 11:30

These sessions are designed for students and beginning players to practise their newly acquired skills.  There will be a teacher available to answer your questions on bidding and/or play of the hand.  There will be no scoring.   Fee for each session is $5 for members.

0 - 50 Masterpoint Game for Newer Players

0 to 50 Masterpoint Game

The London Bridge Centre hosts a 0 to 50 masterpoint game, hosted by Audrey Craig on Thursdays at 1:00.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet other bridge players new to bridge and to gain experience with duplicate scoring, Howell & Mitchell table movements, Bridgemates and even our Pianola software. Don't miss out on all that the London Bridge Centre has to offer. Come join us on Thursdays at 1:00 pm for our 0 to 50 masterpoint game.

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