Fifth Chair Teaching

Several teachers from London Bridge Centre are offering small group lessons while they sit as Fifth Chair to guide your progress.  Your group will play at a mutually agreed-upon time. Prices and the length of each session may vary slightly. For more info please see Fifth Chair - Online Coaching.  Please contact the teacher of your choice for further details.  To read about our teachers, click here

Practice Games for our newer players


No need! Duplicate bridge is fun. 

Take a look at this Max Chauvet introduction to bridge video.

Bridge Lab

Tuesdays at 1:00

Come alone, with a partner, or even a foursome.

At our Bridge Lab sessions, you will play hands that have been previously played in duplicate games, so you can compare your results to those achieved by other players. In this game you remain at the same table, which plays at its own comfortable pace, and scores are not recorded.  Experienced players are available to give advice on bidding and play. Put those lessons into action!

$8 for members. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early so we can get underway on time.  We start with a brief 1-hand lesson.

Practice & Play

Saturday mornings  9:30 - 11:30

These sessions are designed for students and beginning players to practice their newly acquired skills.  There will be a teacher available to answer your questions on bidding and/or play of the hand.  There will be no scoring.   The fee for each session is $5 for members.

0 to 20 MP Game

(Temporarily Suspended)

Tuesdays at 1:00

This is a weekly duplicate game for players with fewer than 20 ACBL masterpoints.  You do not need to be an ACBL member to participate.

You will learn how to use the BridgeMates for scoring. Following the game, the hand records and game records will be posted on the LBC website through Pianola.

Unlike the Tuesday afternoon Bridge Lab, this is an ACBL-sanctioned game so masterpoints are awarded based on the standings at the end of the game.

If you have been enjoying Bridge Lab or Practice and Play and wondering if you are ready to give duplicate bridge a try, this is your opportunity!   Game fees will be the same as Bridge Lab, $7 for LBC members and $9 for others.  The sessions will finish at approximately 3:45.

Please come out and join us and see why so many of us are hooked on duplicate!  Come alone or with a partner.   If you don't have a partner, please arrive by 12:40 so we can arrange partnerships. 

0 - 100 Masterpoint Game

London Bridge Centre hosts duplicate games for newer players in the 0 to 100 masterpoint game, directed by Peter Tuttle on Thursdays at 1:00.

These are excellent opportunities to meet other bridge players new to bridge and to gain experience with duplicate scoring, moving to other tables, Bridgemates, and even our Pianola software. Don't miss out on all that the London Bridge Centre has to offer. Come join us on Thursdays at 1:00 pm.

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