How to set your Pianola Preferences

For printable step-by-step instructions, click here.

What is Pianola?

Pianola is a bridge software application with many features that benefit both our members and the London Bridge Centre. The service is a subscription included at no extra charge with your membership in the Centre.

Benefits for players:

Personal history of results

Performance analysis by partner and by role (declarer, defender - even dummy!)

Partner finder

Member directory 


Administrative benefits:

A games result calendar

A secure online membership database

Capability to email bridge results summaries - with analysis - to players after each game 

Ability to send personalised email to all members or to targeted member groups

A tool to manage membership renewals

Development and hosting of a website


Optional in-depth analysis tools for players who subscribe to Pianola Plus:

Analysis of bidding accuracy and card play

Ability to replay any hand with card-by-card guidance


How does Pianola Work? 

Similar to many web-based software applications, members require a User ID and Password. LBC members will receive an email that invites them to create a Pianola login. You are not required to create this account, but will need it to make full use of the tools that Pianola offers. Members who create the account will be able to access their personal results, along with a cumulative analysis of their performance and a number of other useful tools. 


Bridge session files will be uploaded to a results page which can be accessed from the Pianola Results calendar. Clicking on the date and session will display the results with rankings, travelers, scorecards and the hands themselves. 


A full description of Pianola features with tips for its use can be found in the Pianola User Guide.


Will my membership data be private?

The LBC will be using Pianola to maintain a secure membership database. Access to elements of this data (e.g. email addresses) can be restricted by each member using settings in their Pianola account.  Members can even opt out of receiving email from the Centre, although this is not recommended. Membership data will only be used for London Bridge Centre purposes.


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