Please include the following information in the Your Message box to Register your team. 1. Name of the Team Captain 2. Name of all team members 3. The BBO Username for each team member 3. A contact phone number

BBO Virtual Club Games

  1. To get set up and play in our LBC games on BBO click here.  Note - these are games for black MPs and require an entry fee. 
  2. Do you want to play a free casual game of bridge online with 3 friends at your table?  For instructions on how to do that click here.

We have compiled a list of FAQ's on several topics.  Please read these:

Getting Started Online

Entering a BBO game

Playing Online

How to check your Online Results 

Convention Charts

Announcements, Alerts and Authorized Info

BBO Review and Double Dummy Analysis 

ACBL Live - Misleading Presentation of Results 

Team Game Hand Records on BBO


An excellent BBO tutorial with graphics created by Bridge Finesse can be found here.

Signup Here for LBC Virtual Online Club Games

In order for the London Bridge Centre to invite members to attend an LBC Virtual Online game on BBO we require your email address and your BBO USERNAME. Please let us know your USERNAME by completing this form.

Be sure to add your BBO USERNAME to your Pianola profile- see box on this page.

Setting Up a Convention Card on BBO

If you play on BBO with a regular partner, having a card set up is convenient for you and courteous to your opponents, who can then quickly see your bidding and carding agreements.  You may create different convention cards for each of your partners.  

For instructions on how to set up your convention cards, click here.

You can see opponents' convention cards by clicking on the 3 blue lines in the box at the top left of the screen.

For LBC's virtual club games, the ACBL OPEN convention chart is used for Open games and those with a Masterpoint limit above 200.  The ACBL BASIC+ chart is used for games with a masterpoint limit of 200 or less. See ACBL website here for details.

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To go to Bridge Base Online click here.


BBO User Names ("Handles") can now be added to your Pianola profile!  This will make it easier for other LBC members to connect with you through BBO to arrange games or simply exchange greetings.

Log in to Pianola, click on the down arrow in the box in the upper right (where your name appears) and go to My Account.  Enter your BBO User Name in the BBO box under Online Bridge Accounts.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes. 

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