Online Fifth Chair Coaching

Are you interested in developing your bridge skills?

Several teachers from London Bridge Centre are offering small group lessons online while they sit as Fifth Chair to guide your progress. Your group will play online at a mutually agreed-upon time. Prices and the length of each session may vary slightly. Please contact the teacher of your choice for details. You can read about our teachers on our Teachers Bio page.


Dwight Bender

 I work with a group of 4 online on BBO.  Usually we play random hands, bid and play after which we "hold court” discussing the good and the bad, the best contracts, the best defence and how to achieve the best result possible.  If there is a specific topic which the group wants to investigate I will provide specific hands to allow focus on that concept.

Contact: Dwight Bender

Audrey Craig

Practice & Play: (groups of 4) Specific topics: 2/1, 1430, Jacoby 2NT, Play of the Hand, Stayman, Transfers, Take Out Doubles, Overcalls, Defense, and Strong 2 Club Openers, Bergen Raises, Drury, etc.

Contact: Audrey Craig

Hazel Hewitt

Practice & Play (groups of 4) Specific topics: Topics have included Michaels, Jacoby 2NT, Big 2C, Blackwood, NT handplay, pre-empts, transfers, and others on request. Starts with a brief lesson and specific hands to practice. Random hands are also used.

Beginner Bridge: Meet online and learn to play bridge in 10 sessions. New players are welcome to apply and a new group starts when there are 4 participants. Please contact Hazel for further info. 

Contact Hazel Hewitt 

Mary Howe

Practice & Play: Targets the conventions taught in the Advancing Your Game course (Prerequisite) 

 Contact Mary Howe 

Peter Tuttle

Practice & Play (groups of 4): Provides responses to your bidding and play of the hand questions

Contact Peter Tuttle 

Marie Wiley

Practice & Play (groups of 4): Provides responses to your bidding and play of the hand questions

Contact Marie Wiley 

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