In partnership with BBO, the ACBL has launched online Swiss Team games. The LBC will hold its first online Swiss Team game on Sunday, March 7 at 1:00 p.m.

As the number of teams must be known, registration is required for Swiss Team before the game can begin. Teams Captains must register their 4 team members no later than midnight Saturday March 6, when registrations will be closed. Team Captains are urged to register early, as only an even number of teams can play. If odd number of teams register, the last team registered will be dropped. Team Captains may register here.

Joining a Swiss Team game is quite similar to a Pairs game. 

  • Sign on to BBO
  • Click on Virtual Clubs
  • Then click on the London Bridge Centre Swiss Team game.

At this point, you will either invite or be invited by your partner to join the Swiss Team game. Please follow these instructions on how to join a Swiss Team game.

As this is the club's first Swiss Team game, there will only be one section. But please be reminded that while the first round is paired with players of similar match points, all subsequent winners will play winners and losers will play losers.

More Swiss Team games are planned and it is hoped that either a weekly or bi-weekly game will be added to our regular schedule. 

Play Bridge Online

Our BBO Virtual Game Schedule

Monday @ 6:45 pm Open Pairs

Tuesday @ 9:45 am Open Pairs

Wednesday @ 9:45 am 0 - 500 Pairs

Thursday @ 9:30 am 0-50 Pairs 

Thursday @ 9:45 am Open Pairs

Friday @ 9:45 am 0 - 500 Pairs

 Saturday @ 1:15 pm 0 - 200 Pairs

Games are 20 or 21 boards; each round allows up to 7 minutes per board.

We have a full page of resources to help you play on-line here.

 Tillsonburg Duplicate Bridge Online 

Open Pairs Tuesday 7:00 pm and Friday 1:15 pm

Contact Jed Drew at jed.drew@gmail.com


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Unit 249 Board Election

Unit 249 Board Election

Unit 249's Board Election will be held in June 2021. Board positions carry a term of 2 years. Interested applicants may submit the attached Nomination Form, with the signatures and ACBL numbers of two nominating individuals.

Please complete the Nomination Form, scan and email, or mail to Jennifer Verdam-Woodward. Also, nominations may also be accepted electronically via email, by emailing their nomination to Jennifer Verdam-Woodward at Jenvw@hurontel.on.ca. The nominee must also accept their nomination by email. All three individuals (two nominators and the nominee) must be members in good standing of the ACBL.

Nomination Forms must be submitted no later than April 17, 2021.

Join our LBC Virtual Bridge Club


Interested in playing in LBC's Virtual Club?  Here's a summary of the information you will need to know Click Here.

For more details visit our Virtual Club info page here.

The 2021 Spring Kibitizer is available to read here


London Bridge Centre is a member-managed bridge club located at Unit 9 - 1106 Dearness Drive in London. We host 10 or 11 weekly duplicate bridge sessions that cater to all levels of bridge players. We also offer a complete range of bridge lessons for those wishing to learn the game to those wishing to improve their bridge skills from beginner to intermediate to advanced players.

For further information or general inquiries please don't hesitate to Contact Us or call us at 519-601-2582(CLUB). 

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2020 Mini-McKenney and Ace of Club Winners

Congratulations to Adele Wolfe and Rick Jordan for winning both the 2020 Unit 249 Mini-McKenney and Ace of Club competitions in their respective categories.

Adele earned 97.02 MP in the Mini-Mckenney and 87.59 MP in the Ace of Clubs, 50-100 MP category. Rick earned 219.88 MP in the Mini-Mckenney and 186.43 MP in the Ace of Clubs. 300-500 MP category. Well done Adele and Rick.

A compete list of the 2020 Unit 249 and District 2 Mini-McKenney and Ace of Club results is located on the Masterpoint Race webpage.


RESULTS ARE POSTED ON ACBL LIVE ABOUT ONE HOUR AFTER THE GAME ENDS.  Hand Records, play-by-play and results at other tables are in the History section of BBO.  ENJOY!

CLICK here for ACBL LIVE results.


IMP League - Winter 2021

IMP League is back!

LBC is hosting another IMP League competition. Click on IMP League for more info. Click here to see current Standings.


In order to play in our limited point games, you need an ACBL membership.  Here are the instructions for giving membership a free try!  Click Here

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Check out our recent member achievements.

New Life MastersNew ACBLRankings, Monthly Recognition Award and 70% Games. Congratulations to LBC  members who won in their Unit 249 Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs category. 

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