Brown Bag Lunch - Monday, April 23 at 11:45

The next Brown Bag Lunch will be hosted by Judi Carter on Monday April 23 from 11:45 - 12:45.



Find out what the game director’s most important responsibility is and why players need to understand director rulings.

Judi has generously donated her time to present this FREE Brown Bag Lunch session.

Introducing the "Fat Free" Convention Card

Do you find convention cards confusing and intimidating?  Why should you use one?  The ACBL has developed a new "Fat Free" Convention Card to be used by newer players.   

Dwight Bender will be introducing this new card: how to complete it, what each section means, and why you should use it.  2 sessions will be held on Thursday, May 3 and Thursday, May 10 from 11:45 to 12:30. The sessions will be sequential and each will cover a different part of the convention card.  

In order to take full advantage of the course, players are encouraged to register with their regular partner.  A sign-up sheet will be posted at the club.  Registration deadline is Tuesday, May 1.  Cost is $5 per session.

Sunday afternoon, April 29th

8 is Enough Team Club Championship

NO surcharge but EXTRA points 

For details click here

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 Read the April 8 LBC Newsletter here.

Volunteer Recognition Day - Sunday May 9

We are a member-owned club that functions on volunteerism.

Please join us on Sunday, May 6 at 1:00 pm for a game of bridge and some coffee and cake as we honour all those who help make the London Bridge Centre the best it can be.

There will be no game fee for this event. A sign-up list will be available closer to the event date. If possible, there will be a separate limited point game.  

Thanks to our Vounteers

Who buys the cookies? Where do we get the coffee? Who loads the dishwasher? Who takes out the recycling? Our Volunteers do! It takes many hands to play hands at the London Bridge Centre. 

As a member managed bridge club, the London Bridge Centre relies on our members, our Volunteers, to enable the club to operate successfully. And do we have more than handful of volunteers? We sure do! Just take a look at our Committee and Volunteers  page on the website.   We all owe our many volunteers much gratitude and a hearty thanks.  

Lost and Found

Lost and Found - Mondays at 12:15

What did I do wrong in this hand?

We all ask ourselves, where did I mess up? Join us after the Monday 0-300 game for some answers on those difficult hands. We will help you identify where you Lost it and help you Find the correct play for that difficult hand.

Ask Dwight

Down 2 Vulnerable!

Perplexed? Annoyed! Thinking about blaming your partner?

So what went wrong?  Why not:  Ask Dwight?

Dwight Bender has offered to answer questions for LBC members, in a format similar to the popular Monday morning Lost & Found sessions. If you are puzzled about a recent hand, then you can Ask Dwight how it should have been bid, played or defended. 

Just email Ask Dwight providing the session, board number and your question and he will provide you with some helpful tips within 24 hours. 

Selected questions and answers are posted on the website here.

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The Special Events list for the period April 2018 to January 2019 will give you all the dates for our special games/events.  LBC Special Events have also been added to our master calendar.

Bridge Courses

70% Games - April & March

Bonnie Teevan and Fiona Woytowic - 71.43% on Thursday afternoon April 12

Marion Gamble and Linda Lyons - 70.00% on Thursday afternoon April 5

Arda Kabaca and Ilgaz Ciftci - 72.35% on Thursday afternoon Mar 15

Sam Hassan and Dave Dorrance - 70.83% on Wednesday evening Mar 14

Terry Tack and Reg Young - 70.37% on Friday afternoon Mar 16

Arda Kabaca and Ilgaz Ciftci - 72.62% on Tuesday evening Mar 6


March Recognition Award

Congratulations to Ivan Nikiforov our March Recognition Award winner. Ivan earned 3.06 masterpoints during the month of March. Members with under 50 masterpoints who earn the most masterpoints during the month win a Free Play. Recognition Awards are provided to the club by a donor

New Rank Achievements - March 2018

Congratulations to LBC members who recently achieved a New ACBL Rank

Nancy Herrington and Tim Mossip - New Junior Master

Mary Anderson, Helen Holmes and Rick Jordan - New Club Master

Doris Springett - New Sectional Master

Carol Wigle - New Bronze Life Master

Michael Ritza - New Ruby Life Master

Upcoming Tournaments

The ACBL sanctions more than 1200 tournaments a year. Check out the Unit 249 and District 2 tournaments.

The Kibitzer - Spring 2018

The Kibitzer is no longer printed and mailed to Unit 249 ACBL members. It is now emailed to the address registered with the ACBL. If you have not received your copy of The Kibitzer, it is suggested that you confirm that your email address is correct at My ACBL.

Here is the Spring edition of The Kibitzer, with a feature article on Sectional tournaments quoting LBC members Mary Howe and Dwight Bender.  Enjoy!

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